When MU Fans Demo, Bruno Fernandes Anteng Watch Udinese Vs Juve

Bruno Fernandes makes a surprising confession. When Manchester United fans were busy demonstrating before the MU vs Liverpool match, he watched Udinese vs Juventus.
In fact, Manchester United vs Liverpool is scheduled for Sunday, May 2. However, the big match in the Premier League was finally postponed after the Red Devils supporters pushed onto the Old Trafford Stadium field to protest against the club owner.

In fact, the supporters tried to get to the changing room. The flares were ignited to the audience seats

The Manchester United vs Liverpool match was then decided to be held on Thursday (13/5). That means United are now facing a busy week because they previously had to travel to Aston Villa headquarters on May 9, then host Leicester City two days later.

When the atmosphere at Old Trafford was hot again by the supporters, the two teams were still at the hotel. The players and staff are asked to stay inside the hotel until the situation stabilizes.

Journalists also asked Bruno Fernandes . What did Bruno Fernandes do when the United fans’ atmosphere was chaotic?

“I did not go out of my room and obey the rules of the security forces,” he said as quoted by The Sun.

There is news that some Manchester United players meet supporters outside the hotel. But Bruno Fernandes insisted that it was not him and that no Manchester United player did it.

“I watched Udinese vs Juve and did not leave the room at all. The players were also in their respective rooms, obeying security directions,” he explained.

No doubt, Bruno Fernandes himself had been in Udinese’s uniform for three seasons from 2013 to 2016. Fernandes made 83 appearances there.

What is his opinion about the approximately 200 Manchester United fans holding a demonstration and protesting against the club owners?

“The most important thing is that everyone has something to say,” replied Bruno Fernandes.






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