At some point in life, most people have probably experienced what it feels like to be a bucin or slave to love. This is a universal experience that many people can understand, especially when we are young. Joanna Hogg, a director whose films often feature experimental stories, framed this interesting theme in The Souvenir . Not only being a director, Hogg also wrote the script for this film. This 119-minute romance drama might actually be more accurately described as an autobiography. This is because most of the premises in The Souvenir are reflections of Hogg’s about his own youth when he was a student at a film school. The Souvenir made Honor Swinton Byrne’s acting debut, a talented young British actress, as the main star in a film. Apart from Byrne, this film also features the appearance of Tom Burke, Tilda Swinton, Richard Ayoade, Jaygann Ayeh, and Jack McMullen. The film The Souvenir was first screened at the Sundance Film Festival on January 27, 2019, before being broadcast widely in mid-2019. Synopsis Julie is a young woman who has big dreams and ambitions in the film field. Apart from being a student at a film school, he is also working on his own independent film project. At a party she is hosting, Julie meets Anthony, a mysterious man who is older than her. Julie, who had never been in a relationship before, was blown away by Anthony’s charisma and intelligence. After her roommate moved out, Julie invited Anthony to come live with her. They also spend more time together. Anthony makes Julie’s day even happier. However, her relationship with Anthony slowly began to make Julie neglect her school and projects. On the other hand, Julie began to feel that something was wrong with Anthony. Even so, her great love made Julie choose to ignore this. Before she knew it, Julie found that she had stepped into a destructive relationship that had a negative impact on her life. Review If you are looking for films with unusual ideas and challenge conventional boundaries, then A24 films can be the answer. This independent film studio has hosted many filmmakers’ works that offer new concepts in the field of film, including The Farewell (2019) and Uncut Gems (2019). The Souvenir , whose sequel is currently being prepared, is yet another film that reflects the characteristics of studio A24: indie and artsy . The production design is simple, with a different cinematic style from films in general. The Souvenir invites the audience to empathize with the emotional experience of the main character, Julie. Through its character, we see how love can turn on altruism, but at the same time makes a person vulnerable. Hogg’s vision is well interpreted by the ranks of actors in The Souvenir . Byrne, in particular, proved himself the perfect fit for Julie’s character. The series of events in The Souvenir , based on Hogg’s memory, became even more intense through the visual techniques he used. The natural impression is presented through two of Hogg’s signature techniques, the long shot and the static camera movement. Several scenes of The Souvenir play with camera focus and minimal lighting. A number of other scenes place the characters close to the object that reflects their image. These various depictions seem to represent Julie’s concern in distinguishing between reality and fiction. Conclusion The Souvenir tries to arouse the audience’s sensitivity to feel and understand. The cast, with Byrne as the star, embodied Hogg’s vision with precision. In general, The Souvenir is a captivating memoir that, with its simplicity, manages to reflect the sentimental side of humanity. This film is the perfect recommendation for audiences looking to find an alternative to mainstream films.

Synopsis of ‘THE SOUVENIR’, End of Love Story of a College Student and Heroin User

For fans of drama films, it’s a shame to miss this film by director Joanna Hogg. The film THE SOUVENIR itself will star the mother and child couple Tilda Swinton and Honor Swinton Byrne.

The movie THE SOUVENIR, which is scheduled to air on May 17, will tell the story of Julie (Honor Swinton Byrne), a young film student who is involved in a romance with a man who is both complicated and unbelievable, Anthony.


1. Julie’s life
This film is set in the early 80’s. Julie, a 24 year old film student, lives in an apartment in London’s Knightsbridge area. Every now and then, his mother (Tilda Swinton) visits him after shopping and he always has to lend money to Julie for his film projects. As it turns out, there is a reason behind it all.
Currently, Julie is also focusing on working on a documentary film proposal about the working class community in Sunderland. He also visited there several times to take photos of the city.

2. Meeting with Anthony
Anthony, a charismatic but a little rough and controlling guy comes into Julie’s life. They often spend time together, one of which is when they go to the Courhauld Collection and Anthony shows Julie a painting by Fragonald, The Souvenir.
They both started a relationship and Anthony decided to stay in Julie’s apartment. However, there is something odd about the figure of Anthony because he always needs cash. As it turned out, Anthony was a heroin user.

What is their next story? What will happen to their relationship?

The Souvenir, Dark Memories from the Past, Coming Soon on HBO GO Asia

Director Joanna Hogg tells the story of her past at the Sunderland film school in The Souvenir.

Sunderland, 1980, Julie (Honor Swinton Byrne), a film school student, is working on a film about the life of a mother and child in the city.

There, Julie lives in an apartment with a college friend who introduces her to Anthony (Tom Burke).

It didn’t take long for Julie and Anthony to bond.

Now, Anthony even occupies an empty room in Julie’s apartment.

One day, Julie realized something strange in her lover.

On Anthony’s arm, there is a scar that he thinks comes from a syringe.
Strangely, now Julie is responsible for Anthony’s living expenses.

He even often lent money to Anthony in large amounts.

Surprising facts about Anthony are revealed.

Two of his friends mentioned that Anthony had a problem with heroin addiction.

Julie’s surprise didn’t stop there.

Anthony admitted that he was in a relationship with three women at once.

What other secrets are there in Anthony’s life?

You can watch The Souvenir on the HBO GO Asia streaming platform , starting 16 August.

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