She was even named the most photogenic official Mother

She was even named the most photogenic official Mother. One thing that makes Utari feel very proud, of himself. He is not being arrogant, but at least he does not feel too low when he is dealing with a woman like Puspa Ayu.

The woman remains her husband’s secretary. His attitude also grew cold towards Utari. Only if it’s in public, that woman is willing to smile and talk to him. If they are not on the forum, Puspa Ayu would prefer to stay away from them.

Mother, don’t push Riri too much. That wish must come from two people, while Bagus still has to take care of a job that is impossible to leave behind.”

“You have to try harder, if Riri is in a fertile period!”

Utari looked at her husband who was also looking at her. Utari’s cheeks felt hot, as Bagus Pandhita’s gaze became even more intense. For some reason, Utari has always been nervous around him lately.

“You are listening, Ri. If you are fertile, let me know. Don’t leave it, Mas.”

Utari really wanted to throw the plate on the man’s flat face. She feels really embarrassed in front of Mother Naira, it feels like she was the one who rejected Bagus all this time. Utari did not want to wait. Even though the food was already tasteless, he forced to swallow it until the plate was clean.

After that, Utari asked permission to wash the rest of the cooking in the kitchen. Sundays will always be like that. After breakfast, Bagus Pandhita would definitely leave himself with the Karawitan group. Nonsense, all the promises of the man, who said he would invite him to join the group.

The ones with Utari’s eyes and heart were getting sicker. Because she had not found a replacement for Windri, the woman gave in by staying in the city. They both will be busy discussing whatever, and always forget about his presence. Even though Utari wants to occasionally spend time alone with that man.

She doesn’t like other women who are close to her husband. The longer I think about it, Utari’s blood feels even more boiling. What’s the point in that man always running into her arms, if he’s still on friendly terms with other women.

“Ri. You are angry with Mas, yes.” Bagus Pandhita put his hands around Utari’s slender waist. The girl was still busy rinsing the dirty dishes in the sink.

“No! Why be angry.” Utari tried to reduce the pain in his gut.

“Um, today there will be an inauguration of a new dam in Ketapang village. Do you want to come? We plan to also have an event to sow the seeds of a thousand fish there.”

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