Who is the Most Beautiful TWICE Member? This is the answer

Entering 2021, this is the 4th year I have become a ONCE (a name for TWICE fans). For approximately 4 years as a ONCE, quite often I was asked who is my ultimate bias or who is the prettiest member in TWICE in my opinion.

Therefore, I would like to share my personal opinion regarding who is the most beautiful TWICE member in this article. But I remind you, this article is made based on the author’s perspective, so the order of the most beautiful TWICE members is not absolutely according to the contents of this article. So, already curious in what order? The following is the review.

1. Yoo Jeongyeon

In the first place, the most beautiful TWICE member in my opinion is Yoo Jeongyeon. Excess, because this is my personal opinion, so no debate, huh?

Jeongyeon in my eyes has outstanding visuals, a face that is fairly small and also fits any hairstyle. In addition, her beautiful face is supported by her tall and slender body, making Jeongyeon an additional point.

2. Myoui Mina

In the next position, the most beautiful TWICE member, I put Myoui Mina. I chose this 24-year-old member of Japanese nationality for one main reason, namely because of his elegant visuals. Yes, Mina’s face type is one of the most elegant I have ever seen. Mina also matches various hair colors and has a body that has realistic goals.

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3. Chou Tzuyu

Now in the next position, there is Chou Tzuyu, whose visuals have been recognized not only in China or Korea but also throughout the world. Many of my friends also admit to idolizing this 21-year-old girl from Taiwan. Her face is clear and is supported by a tall, model-like body, it’s no wonder that many ONCEs fall in love with her.

4. I’m Nayeon

e his cute (Aegyo) and adorable behavior made people initially did not believe that Nayeon was the oldest member. This also proves that Nayeon is very youthful and deserves to be in 4th place.

5. Minatozaki Sana

The next prettiest TWICE member in my opinion is Minatozaki Sana. Yup, Sana is undeniably one of the spearheads at TWICE, who captivates fans through the cuteness of Aegyo which is always viral. Call it starting from “Sha Sha Sha”, then there is “Cheese Kimbap”, and several other Aegyo that he shows on Korean variety shows. So even though she is ranked 5, Sana is no less beautiful than in the previous 4 games.

6. Kim Dahyun

I gave the 6th place member of TWICE with the prettiest visuals to Kim Dahyun. The member who is known by the nickname “Tofu Skin” because of his smooth white skin like tofu is a member who also attracts a lot of fans’ attention. Being one of the youngest members of TWICE, Dahyun is also loved by many fans because of her cute and adorable behavior and expressive facial features, thereby adding to Dahyun’s friendly impression.

7. Son Chaeyoung

In the bottom third position, I place Son Chaeyoung, who is TWICE’s make. Yes, the member who plays as a rapper lately often looks sexy, after several initial concepts were always given boyish vibes, aka tomboys. To be clear, I used to always put Chaeyoung in the last position when asked who the prettiest TWICE member was. But I remind you again, it’s just a matter of preference differences, guys, it doesn’t mean Chaeyoung the Strawberry Princess isn’t beautiful.

8. Hirai Momo

In the eighth position, I chose Hirai Momo to be this position. Actually, in the past, Momo could have been ranked 4 or 5 in my version of the list of the most beautiful TWICE members. Momo has cute and cute vibes that became his weapon in conquering ONCE’s heart, including Kim Heechul’s heart. Momo’s cuteness is no doubt about it, but visually overall, I think the 7 members I mentioned earlier are above Momo.

9. Park Jihyo

At the end of the list is the most beautiful TWICE member, with a heavy heart I put Park Jihyo on the list this time. This 1997-born member is famous for his extraordinary vocal quality. Kang Daniel’s girlfriend also made a scene because of her exotic skin after shooting the Dance the Night Away MV. Many fans, especially in Western countries, choose Jihyo as the prettiest TWICE member. But again, the differences in views remain, and this is the proof. So once again I emphasize, it doesn’t mean that Jihyo isn’t beautiful, huh, guys.






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